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For vinyl toy fans and artists.
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Meant to Just Live. by soldierofsolace
Meant to Just Live.
We often think how our lives turn out to be nothing we had imagined them to be. We say how much we despise our jobs, our daily routines, our "struggles" to pay dues that we feel are robbing us in the first place. Not realizing that having food on the table, a warm bed, clean water, and a roof over our heads, is something we take for granted. But it's because we deserve this. We worked hard for it. We will go about our lives and repeat complaints of how life sucks and that we need something more, something better, as if it's just...something ordinary. Something we were just conditioned to think. When we pass a homeless person in the street, we tend to do one thing: ignore them. We get uncomfortable. Due to our helplessness or lack of caring, it's just easier. They have lost all hope so they don't have anything to worry about. Other than the essentials to survive, they are just there. Would you ever notice on your daily commute to work, that someone unfortunate than you, was suddenly gone? Some people are born privileged. Others have to work to get by. and some...are meant to just live. Not knowing if life gets better or easier. Going hungry for another day. Not expecting to live for the next birthday (if that even meant anything to them). Losing of all sense of what is to be human with compassion and dreams, because life itself was a constant battle.

This is what it may be like for a orphan, if not worse. Children losing their way to violence, abandonment, wars, disease... or just simply being unloved and thrown away in a world that didn't want them. Where they learn nothing but survival, because the slums they sleep in are their schools, and knowledge they acquire are what makes them live for another day. At least 153 million children may think so. I'd like to think that they are just lost and haven't found their way...but again, it's just easier to think that way. Maybe the next time you gripe about how life is lame and you deserve more, while listening to your ipods and sipping on your electrolyte water... a child out there doesn't even know what music is or even had clean water...ever.

"There's a whole world out there, outside of your mental globe. Infect it with your vibrance and spread the diseased color of life." You don't need that spare change. Give that to the charity coin box at check-out. Those canned items in your shelf sat there for a year. Someone who needs food will appreciate them more. Those ugly old blankets? They will keep someone warm on a cold winter night. Those designer clothes that are too tight? Let's face it, you'll never fit them again. They can at least make someone less fortunate, feel a little better to be wearing different clothes. If you are reading this, then you already have more than they ever will. While it's okay to be selfish, remember to take the time to be compassionate. It's already a cruel world and that's not the world I want to live in.

While this painting is for sale, I am considering making prints to sell, and 100% ALL OF THE PROCEEDS will go to charities that help with orphaned children worldwide. Message me for details.

Acrylic and mixed media on canvas.
Flight of The Narwhals by soldierofsolace
Flight of The Narwhals
Imagination can be a double-edged sword. It's what keeps people fantasizing and hoping for what could be. It provides mental images to a place, a time, a situation that they could never be in. An escape to worlds we only believed in as children. We tend to lose sight of those worlds as we grow older, and collide with reality head-on. Imagination is also a cruel thing, as it sparks fear into the minds of those so sheltered and closed off from the world. What they fear becomes the embodiment of what they are so disillusioned to, that they choose nothing else to believe in. People with open minds and open hearts strive to create a world of color. A vision that keeps people hopeful and enchanted. Even though they know deep down that it's all a fantasy, there's still spark of wonderment that asks that question: "What if?" Gaze into space, into nothing, into the sky and keep imagining. This world is so full of dark, lonely, and unanswered questions. Be in your light. Be in your time. Be in your world. You may not get all the answers you seek, but you may pass up a chance that could change things for the greater good. In you and everyone else around you. Narwhals will never fly in the sky... but what a serene and clarifying moment in time that would be.

The Lost Cause

Journal Entry: Tue Oct 1, 2013, 12:40 PM

The Lost Cause Art Project

I have been doing art as far as I can remember. It's the one thing that has attached to me like a parasite since I traced my first cartoon character: Voltron. That was in Kindergarten. It was just doodles and quick drawings til' high school when I discovered graffiti. Worlds opened up for me and I discovered more about being an artist than a vandal. Art was daring, adventurous, fickle, and experimental. Then one day I had to "grow up". Learning the beginning stages of adulthood and to survive on my own, my art got pushed in the blank recesses of my mind as I struggled to pay my rent. It wasn't til years later that I met my then partner David, who learned of my art and surprised me one day by buying me canvasses, paint, and brushes and simply said, "I want you to do something with these." I fell in love with art forever more and I am indebted to him for doing that. Everything has been trial and error, learning what works for me, converting all that creative energy, and translating all those thoughts--into artwork. Every work I have created always held sentimental value as it was a piece of me that I was sharing with the world as corny as that sounds. But it's the truth as I am part of a dying breed of romanticists, an art vagabond that went wherever the brushstrokes started and ended, a storyteller that told not only the greatest stories I can tell... but shared the secrets, thoughts, and hopes that I kept inside. I had never wanted fame more than I wanted my creations to be in a happy home--so that when the owner of said art looks at it they relate, realize, and relinquish in the thoughts that keeps them connected to it. My way of painting for others has been a path of learning about the person's character. Their habits, their ideals, the colors, and the symbols/images that stand out to them...that when they get their finished piece, they can truly call it their own, personified by themselves.

Going forward on that notion I have decided to start what I have always thought should be shared: Art. It makes us think. It makes us wonder. It triggers emotions. It leaves behind tales of a creator who had something to say, something to show, and wanted to let the world know about it. But sometimes in the processes of that, it gets lost. Artists sometimes rely on their work to survive and lose passion for what made them alive. It becomes commercialized in the simplest of ways and fed to the masses with no regards to the originator. Some are successful but most are not. It's truly as "the rich keep getting richer, and poor keep getting poorer." I know that most of the audience that relate to my art on many levels can't afford the asking price for my work but the working man in me can't sympathize as I myself have to have a roof over my head and food in my stomach. As an artist I am conflicted with this and over time I came to a proposal. Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls of all ages, art critics, art purveyors, art collectors, lovers, haters, and everyone in-between may I present to you: The Lost Cause Art Project. Starting this month and at least once a month after that, I will draw a name of a person that will receive a piece of artwork from me of their choice. Absolutely no price. Be it a painting, a steampunk pendant, a vinyl figure custom, perler bead creation--completely free. My conscience as an artist will be forthright and you will own a material piece of yourself expressed through Striderizm-the religion, the art, and the life of Strider the soldier of solace. To be fair that everyone gets a chance to own a piece of art from me, I ask that those who have won/received a piece from me in the past, to not enter for themselves but for someone you know that may have art in their homes. But whats the catch you say? Simply to just like/share my page at I will then announce The Lost Cause Art Project drawing and all you have to do to enter, is to like that post. Fair enough? I think so. What I hope to achieve is simply as I said: To share art with others. Whether it be close ones or complete strangers. To keep what gets lost in translation in the hearts and minds of dreamers and the hopeless. To bring a smile on faces simply remembering what it is to be kind and unconditional. That when everything comes with a price that we find happiness in the simplest things in life. But wait! That's not all. I will also be doing a scavenger hunt type thing, where I will leave a piece of artwork somewhere and whoever finds it, gets to keep it. I may/may not leave clues as to where it maybe but that's up to fate to see where it ends up. So let this journey begin and keep inspiration alive! Stay Creative always and let your soul be your guide.

Designed by PatrickRuegheimer, coded by Nironan12 (with some help from edmunn)
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Louiegee aka Strider one.
Artist | Professional | Varied
United States
Strider: a self-taught artist coloring the world with urban whimsy.

Making his way from Japan to San Diego helped shape a unique style of colorful grit, graffitied cartoons, and steampunk sculpture. A voice formed from everyday people. Everyday objects. Everyday life. Every piece of art holds a perception of life and builds off the unknown.

Bound by all things surreal, no punches are held back. Peer into a mind of offset creation. Dig beneath the surface. Find those hidden messages. This soldier of solace hopes to unearth all things unseen.

~Written by Mark Thiel

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